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YSP : David Nash

June 14, 2010

DSC_0038 - MOD1 - YSP - Entrance to Bothy Gallery & David Nash Poster - 12-6-10 

DSC_0004 - MOD1 - YSP - David Nash Woods in Visitor Centre Hallway - 12-6-10 

DSC_0008 - MOD1 - YSP - View from West End of Visitor Center - 12-6-10 

DSC_0015 - MOD1 - David Bash sculptures inside Long Gallery - 12-6-10 

DSC_0017 - MOD1 - YSP - View inisde along length of Long Gallery with Nash sculpture - 12-6-10 

DSC_0027 - MOD1 - YSP - Nash sculptures outside Long Gallery view to Visitor Centre - 12-6-10

DSC_0033 - MOD1 - YSP - David Nash sculptures oputside Underground Gallery - 12-6-10

DSC_0042 - YSP - David Nash Charcoal Sphere - 12-6-10

DSC_0043 - MOD1 - YSP - David Nash Charcoal Sphere - close up of texture - 12-6-10

DSC_0059 - MOD1 - YSP - Basket 7 Oxley Bank mesh foly by Winter Horbelt - 12-6-10

DSC_0062 - MOD1 - YSP - David Nash Black Steps - 12-6-10

Yorkshire Sculpture Snow Park

January 14, 2010

DSC_0050 - MOD1 - YSP pond sunset snow - IB 14-1-10

DSC_0005 - MOD1 - YSP Entrance in snow - IB 14-1-10

DSC_0015 - MOD1 - YSP a walk in the snow - IB 14-1-10 

DSC_0063 - MOD1 - YSP sunset snow - IB 14-1-10

DSC_0094 - MOD1 - YSP sunset snow - IB 14-1-10

DSC_0040 - MOD1 - YSP underground gallery in sunset snow - IB 14-1-10

DSC_0081 - MOD1 - YSP sunset snow - IB 14-1-10

Penistone to Bamford Hike

August 13, 2009

DSC_0038 - MOD1 - Little Don River - View East to Langsett Reservoir - 13-08-09 

Little Don River – View East to head of Langsett Reservoir

A 21 mile afternoon/evening hike from Penistone Station to Bamford Station.  Route taken: leaving Penistone Station at 11.45 Woodhead Route (Trans Pennine Trail) west to Cote Bank Bridge; south to Langsett Reservoir and across Little Don River; Cut Gate Path to Howden Edge; south along Howden Edge (West Rim) then unmarked path along South Rim of Howden Edge, southeast passing south of Wet Stones, across the head of Gravy Clough and then down the east side of Foul Clough to Abbey Brook below Barristers Tor.  After paddling in the totally secluded Abbey Brook continued southwest up Sheepfold Clough to join Lost Lad path and then southeast to Back Tor on Derwent Edge.  South along Derwent Edge, taking the path to Ashopton, emerging just behind the Ladybower Inn (21.10).  Well deserved pints were taken at the Yorkshire Bridge Inn and the Anglers Rest in Bamford enroute to Bamford Station (23.05).

DSC_0047 - MOD2 - Cranberry Clough from Howden Edge - 13-8-09

View West from Howden Edge over Cranberry Clough

DSC_0056 - MOD2 - Abbey Brook near Barristers Tor - 13-08-09

Abbey Brook below Barristers Tor – View East

DSC_0070 - MOD1 - View East to Lost Ladd and Derwent Edge - 13-08-09

View East to Lost Ladd and Derwent Edge from head of Sheepfold Clough

DSC_0081  MOD1 - View North through Back Tor - Derwent Edge - 13-08-09

View North through Back Tor to Howden Edge (South Rim)

DSC_0098 - MOD1 - Mam Tor and Lose Hill from Dovestone Tor - 13-08-09

View South to Lose Hill and Mam Tor from Dovestone Tor on Derwent Edge

Padley Gorge & Burbage Brook After Rain

July 30, 2009

DSC_0098 - MOD1 -  Burbage Brook after heavy rainfall - 30-7-09

An evening scramble into Padley Gorge after a heavy afternoon of “summer” rain to see Burbage Brook in full flow.   The water a heady mix of blacks and browns – in some places a real distillery mash – as particulates are washed down from the moor.

DSC_0097 - MOD1 -  Burbage Brook after heavy rainfall - 30-7-09

DSC_0107 - MOD1 -  Burbage Brook after heavy rainfall - 30-7-09

Just below Burbage Bridge

Park Hill – British Summer

July 20, 2009

DSC_0073 - MOD1 -  Veolia Incinerator Stack form Park Hill thr grasses- 21-7-09 - cropped

Like a giant cancer stick discarded in the brush lies the chimney of the Veolia incineration plant in Sheffield, as viewed from Park Hill.

DSC_0093 - MOD1 - Park Hill thr Trees - 21-7-09 - cropped

Park Hill redevelopment still at a bit of an Urban standstill…

DSC_0090 - MOD1 - Sheffield and Big Wheel from Park Hill - 21-7-09 - cropped

Sheffield’s new Big Wheel on another drizzly day.

Peak District Snow

February 6, 2009

Strines Reservoir  2 - Snow - 6-02-09

Strines Reservoir

More snow this week so a Friday afternoon and sunset tour around part of the Peak District to sample the delights of snow covered mountains and moors on a beautifully sunny day.

Tree -  Ughill Moor - Snow - 6-02-09 

Lighil Moor

Strines - Bradfield Moor - Snow - 6-02-09

Bradfield Moor

Strines Reservoir  and Boots Tower - Snow - 6-02-09

Strines Reservoir and Boot’s Tower

Boots Tower - near Strines - Snow - 6-02-09

Strines Reservoir and Boot’s Tower

Trees - Bradwell Moor  - Snow - 6-02-09

Bradwell Moor

Tree - Sunset - near Little Hucklow - Snow - 6-02-09

near Little Hucklow

Tree  and Stone Hut - Sunset - near Little Hucklow - Snow - 6-02-09

near Little Hucklow

 Ploughed Field near Tideswell - Snow - 6-02-09

‘Ploughed Snow & Earth’ – near Tideswell

Tree and Tideswell - Snow - 6-02-09

Tideswell from A623

Sunset Snow - near Wardlow - 6-02-09

near Wardlow

Snow Sheep Traffic Sunset -6-02-09

‘Sheep, Snow, Sunset & Traffic’ – A623 near Cavendish Mill

Fire and Snow Sunset - near Monsal - 6-02-09

‘Fire & Snow’ – near Monsal

Traffic after dark near Chatsworth - Snow - 6-02-09

‘Traffic After Dark with Ice’ – passing Chatsworth

Sheffield Snow

February 3, 2009


Snow hit Sheffield and South Yorkshire – like most of the eastern UK – on Sunday 1 February.  In reality it was nothing to worry about, though being Britain most transport stopped!  These photographs were all taken in or near the city centre on the evening of Monday 2.

Above: The new car park.  To the left is the site of the Moor redevelopment while just visible to the right is the new fire station.


The new Fire Station


New Car Park


City Lofts – now dominating the Sheffield skyline even though it is not yet complete.


St Mary’s Church


Sinister Snow Family – near London Road


The Moor

Tinsley Towers

June 22, 2008


“Tinsley Towers” – more correctly the cooling towers of the long closed Blackburn Meadows power station  – on a grey and drizzly Saturday evening.  This view from the end of Petre Street looking east towards Rotherham. <BIPS © 2008>

Steel City Signage

June 21, 2008


A brilliant logo on the front of the Starweld building on Harleston Street, a short crawl from The Crown Inn on the corner
with Petre Street.

While many seem happy to disassociate Sheffield from its heavy industry, steel and machining history there are fortunately many small businesses that are proud of this heritage.  A short walk around the Lower Don Valley one drizzly Saturday evening found the following examples of Steel City Signage.


The small foundry of Durham Foundry, also on Harleston Street.  Check out their website for some atmospheric shots of a real, small industrial concern.


Don’t underestimate the company with the cute “floating” bucket in front of their building on Petre Street.  Daver Steels have supplied specialist  structural products to numerous major new building projects, including: The Welsh Assembly in Cardiff, Aintree Racecourse, New York Times Tower, and Paddington Station in London. 
<BIPS © 2008>

Wicker Riverside – Sheffield

June 15, 2008


Not exactly on my top favourite list of new architecture but this development fronting the River Don, in the Wicker district, is at least one of the more interesting recent Sheffield developments.  The mixed-use building by Aedas was built by developer Artisan.  The curve-fronted tower under construction (to the left) is the 16-storey iquarter residential development by urbani.  This is on the site of the former Hancock & Lant carpet and furniture warehouse which was unfortunately demolished to enable this project; it would be very nice to see more adaptive reuse projects in Sheffield city centre.
<BIPS © 2008>