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Galway Harbour Centre Pier Competition

July 25, 2009

Galway Centre Pier - Mast & Sail 1 - 24-7-09 - coloured

The Galway Harbour Company are conducting a competition to generate ideas for a mixed use building (public stage, exhibition, retail, marina and tourism) that would be erected on the Centre Pier in Galway Docks.  I love Galway but am too cheap (poor) to spend €60 to obtain the full competition brief from the RIAI competition site so my concept is based on the core requirements and some imagination of prior times in Galway.

Seemingly floating above the existing surface of the pier on a  ground floor of glass cladding, the only strong visual intervention is a swimming pool intruding into the middle of the floor.  The pool is formed entirely of a transparent structural material (glass, lexan, whatever) which allows for interaction between the swimmers and those walking around the exterior of the building; a kind of free human aquarium.

The mast that emerges from the centre of the building appears to support a bar/restaurant hanging over one side of the pier but in reality this would primarily be supported through a hidden cantilever into the central part of the complex.

A number of projection screens can be unfurled from the mast for use during major sporting and cultural events, such as the Galway Arts Festival, allowing multimedia to be displayed high above the pier and surrounding harbour/marina.

Bexhill-on-Sea Shelter Competition

July 24, 2009

Bexhill on Sea Shelter Competition - Wave 1 - 1 - 23-7-09

Though not in a position to enter the competition I thought I would sketch a few concepts for the new shelters that are planned for the West Parade Promenade at Bexhill-on-Sea.  RIBA are currently running a competition on behalf of Rother District Council for four new shelters and a refreshments kiosk which will form part of the Next Wave Seafront Improvement Project.

Bexhill on Sea Shelter Competition - Wave 1 - 3 - 23-7-09

My initial approach – let’s call it “Wave” – provides three areas of protected seating that face east/west along the seafront and also out to sea.  The use of transparent screens on the three curved seating areas allows occupants to view the seaward view from either of the side (east/west) benches even when the wind might be too brisk to sit on the direct sea-facing bench.  A small central area provides further protection – but still with full visibility – for even the the wettest and windiest of days.  Some of the modular roof panels could optionally be replaced with solar panels in order to generate electricity for night lights and an information display that could be fed with local news from the town’s wireless network.

Bexhill on Sea Shelter Competition - Wave 1 - 2 - 23-7-09