White & Dark Peak Christmas Day

DSC_0029 - MOD2 - View to Stanage in snow from Upper Burbage Bridge - IB25-12-09

Stanage from Upper Burbage Bridge

DSC_0053 - MOD1 - Upper Burbage - Hathersage Road - IB 25-12-09

Upper Burbage to Hathersage Road

DSC_0041 - MOD2 - Lose Hill & Mam Tor from Upper Burbage - IB 25-12-09 

Lose Hill and Mam Tor from Upper Burbage

DSC_0086 - MOD1 - Tideswell Trees Sunset - IB 25-12-09

Tideswell Trees Sunset

DSC_0092 - MOD2 - Litton Sunaset Tree - IB 25-12-09

Litton Tree Sunset

DSC_0102 - MOD2 - Sunset near Cressbrook - IB 25-12-09

Sunset near Cressbrook

DSC_0129 - MOD2 - Monsal Snow Love - IB 25-12-09 

Love as pure as driven snow

DSC_0133 - MOD2 - Chatsworth Sheep Disco - IB 25-12-09 

Chatsworth Sheep Disco

DSC_0136 - MOD1 - Chatsworth Trees - IB 25-12-09

Chatsworth trees in the cool blue winter night


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