Summer Evening over Abney Moor

DSC_0030 - MOD1 - Hathersage from Offerton Hall Path - 27-07-09

Hathersage from Offerton Hall

Finally we got a proper summer’s evening – one of only two in the past 10 days or more – so a quick evening hike over Offerton and Abney Moors was made.

DSC_0026 - MOD2 - Stepping Stones - River Derwent - Offerton Hall Path   - 27-07-09

Stepping Stones across River Derwent

DSC_0039 - MOD1 - Hope Valley from above Offerton Hall - 27-7-09

View Northwest to Lose Hill from above Offerrton Hall

DSC_0043 - MOD2 - Offerton Moor - sheep near sunset - 27-07-09

Offerton Moor

DSC_0056 - MOD2 - View South from Abney Moor Footpath - 27-07-09

View South from edge of Abney Moor

DSC_0062 - MOD1 - Horses near Abney Moor Footpath - 27-07-09

Edge of Abney Moor

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