Monsal Dale & Millers Dale – A Light Peak Walk

Map of this Walk

Weir on the River Wye just southwest of Monsal Head.

A second beautifully sunny and hot day so another walk, this time further south into the Light Peak area of Monsal Dale.  From Monsal Head down into the valley of the River Wye and south towards the end of Monsal Dale where it meets the A6, northwest along High Dale to Litton, then southeast along the high southern edge of Millar’s Dale and Monsal Dale, down onto the old Midland Railway trackbed and over the Headstone Viaduct, and finally up the steep path back to Monsal Head from the end of the viaduct.

“Are you quite sure you want to take this path?” Heading north towards Litton at the end of High Dale.
Litton and Millar’s Dale from the south.
Looking east along Millar’s Dale in the direction of Monsal Head (out of view).  7.5 miles (12km), approximately 950ft  (290m) total vertical climb, 3.5 hours elapsed. <BIPS © 2008>

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