Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Photographs from a visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park in mid-May.

Sitting Lady Hare in 2 sections.  A galvanised wire sculpture by Sophie Ryder.  This reminded me of another great sculptor with a love of hares, Barry Flanagan, some of  whose work can normally be seen at the Roche Court sculpture park near Salisbury.



The excellent visitor reception/gallery space/cafe designed by Feilden Clegg Bradley (FCB Studios), completed in 2002.



Looking west through the reception centre and gallery towards the Underground Gallery.


Part of a  sculpture by Nigel Hall in COR-TEN weathering steel  in front of the   of the Underground Gallery (FCB Studios, 2004), looking towards the west end of the visitor centre.  Most of Hall’s work, including a lot of sketchbook doodling,  left me singularly unimpressed although I did feel slightly more sympathetic to some of his recent steelwork that is exhibited in the grounds of the YSP.




Another COR-TEN  sculpture by Nigel Hall in the grounds of the sculpture park.

Looking in through the entrance to James Turrell’s Deer Shelter
<BIPS © 2008>

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